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Sunday, 11 June 2017

A "Puffintastic" Morning at RSPB Bempton Cliffs

"Good morning, welcome to my summer residence!"

My call to the cliffs was loud and clear on pleasant morning with sunshine and warmth despite the efforts of a challenging blow! Regretfully, due to circumstances, I could only stay until 1200hrs so I made the most of my time with some fantastic birds, fantastic visitors and fantastic vistas! Today, Puffins showed really well, on the cliffs, in flight and on the water. Some are carrying sand eels but are not bringing them into the range of my camera lens! One day - hopefully!

A few other surprises delighted many lucky people - A Common Crane drifted across the reserve from the Flamborough Headland before disappearing behind RAF Bempton and just after I had left the reserve, a Turtle Dove was discovered at the feeding station! Both of these birds have been in the area for several days but are challenging to locate!

As I said, it was a "Puffintastic" morning:

"Chilling" outside of my summer residence

Puffins can be challenging to see, especially when they mischievably hide behind chalk rocks!

A Puffin enjoying it's garden!

Showing Well!

Going, going, gone!

Where did all the Gannets go? Maybe local photographer Steve Race has the answer! This is a diving gannets photography class - thoroughly recommended. Have a look at Yorkshire Coast Nature CLICK

Back to the cliffs and some new lives

Guillemot with egg

Guillemot with chick (Jumpling)

And Kittiwakes

Linnet (Often seen but very mobile!)

One of today's surprises - Common Crane (record shots!)

Unfortunately, news of the Turtle Dove came to late for me, but that's nature!

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